To Die is Gain

In this heart’s response to loss and gain, I find a beautiful wordfocused assurance. I am once again reminded that we are but sojourners and strangers, this world is not our home, and one day – one glorious day – our Lord will take us by the hand and lead us home.

Especially Made

20130401-230431.jpgLast year, my husband and I attended a memorial service for a brother in The Lord, who was shot without warning by a complete stranger. Only a couple of months later, we found ourselves in the same place, with tear-stained faces, saying goodbye to a dear sister, who went home to be with The Lord after a long battle with cancer. And now, we are grieving again the loss of another brother in the family of God, who also experienced the debilitating effects of cancer. In each moment, we all agreed that the parting was bittersweet. Those goodbyes tugged at our hearts deeper than any other goodbyes. Though we knew we will meet again in heaven, the reality of never seeing them again in this life was heartbreaking. On the other hand, parting was sweet because they are now in the presence of Christ, no longer in the bodies of…

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