Hymns Again…

Hymns Again…

I grew up in a small bible believing church who loved to sing hymns.

We sang from the Believers Hymn Book in the morning service, then we sang from the Redemption Hymn Book in the evening Gospel Meeting.

When I left home I started attending a contemporary styled church. They were still bible believing, but they didn’t sing hymns. I didn’t mind. I liked the modern stylings of musicality.

But something has stirred in my soul over the last five years, an intangible yearning for something that had been lost long ago. To begin with I wasn’t sure what it was. But now I know.

It’s time for hymns again…

I’m so grateful for a new generation of artists who bend their craft in honour of their Maker; groups like Hymns of the people, Page CXVI and others.

On behalf of all the other would be artists… I’d like to say thank you!


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