In God We Joy

In God We Joy – Desiring God.

Tony is a great author.

I suspect Tony is a phenomenal reader!

He is also one of the few people I know whose laugh fills a room in a split second. In the few moments I spent with him on a recent trip to the home of Desiring God, he rapidly altered between insightful reflection and booming expressions of joy. It was a real pleasure to meet him.

His closing comment in this brief article resounded as forcefully as I recall his laughter did.

 …very often the pathway to renewed joy in God begins when we evaluate the false securities of our lives and honestly assess whether we are trusting in our all-sufficient and all-trustworthy Christ for our eternal security and all our daily needs.

I suspect that Tony speaks here from personal experience.

Ask yourself this question. Does the object of your trust bring you deep and lasting joy?

It’s worth thinking about…


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