Preaching and the Harvesting of Imperatives – part 2

Biblical Preaching

CombineHarvester2Last time we looked at the importance of seeing all of a text in its context, rather than plucking out heads of command for instant applicational preaching.  We also highlighted the need for seeing the wider context since instructional sections of books were intended to be heard alongside the doctrinal foundations.  Here are two more points to ponder, especially for those of us who tend toward the harvesting of imperatives for our preaching preparation:

3. Impartial tone sensitivity.  Not every imperative is a command.  As I have mentioned before, a little Greek can be dangerous.  Knowing that a word is technically imperatival in mood does not mean it is automatically a command as we tend to think of them.  It could be a pronouncement, or an request/entreaty, or even a stereotyped greeting!  While it would be nice if we could all know our Greek better, that is not the only…

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