Bibles Open

Biblical Preaching

ReadingBible2When you preach, how long do Bibles stay open?

1. Open until right after the reading.  Perhaps your listeners know from experience that once the reading is over, the message will fly every which way and the text that was read will become a distant memory.  They may open their Bibles for the reading, but once that is done, the Bibles are shut.  So what are you preaching?

2. Open until disconnect is evident.  Perhaps they will be looking at the passage and listening for a while.  But after a while it will become evident that your message has no real connection to the passage.  At some point some will close their Bibles in an act of quiet pew-level frustration and sit listening in anticipation of the closing hymn.  Or . . .

3. Open as alternative to listening.  Perhaps some will stay open so that the listener can…

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