Worship Together

Corporate Church life can be hard for a family.

At least, it has been for ours.

Do we leave our kids in?

Do we send them out to kids church?

If they do stay in, will it be worth the battle?

If we send them out, will it cost something precious in the long-run?

We’ve had all these questions – and more.

I’m pretty sure we’ve got it very wrong along the way – and I’m pretty sure we haven’t arrived. So when I read this, I was encouraged.

the beginning of wisdom: worship together.

I hope you are too.


One thought on “Worship Together

  1. I guess when you break it down we are all preachers…. is there a cross over point between tnaudible and audible preaching.

    I dont recall many memorable messages where i told them ‘my family / wife’ that this is the one to really listen to …. the corollary is obvious…live what you want them to learn….even if your not a ‘great preacher

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