BibleArc – Connecting The Dots

Let me begin with a statement of transparency – this post has been in no way endorsed or requested by the folk from – it is an unsolicited piece of praise.

For years I’ve read the text of my english Bible translation and seen links between phrases and key words, intuitively, I knew they were there. As I grew in my love for the Scripture, a deepening fascination for these links grew with it. Yet these links were almost intangible, wisps of insight, fleeting observations that escaped my ability to articulate to others what I was seeing.

I longed for a tool that could take what was happening in my head and somehow lay it open on paper, some tangible demonstration showing the pathways of logical connection the Holy Spirit had woven into the fabric of Holy Scripture.

Then along came

I don’t remember how I first stumbled across this hidden gem, but I do remember excitedly showing my wife the site, demonstrating what little skill I had in using it, and declaring, “This is it! This is what happens in my head every time I sit down to the Scriptures.” I’m not sure she was as excited as I was, but she smiled and nodded to show her support. She was probably thinking any number of sentences that included the phrase ‘theology geek’ in them.

So after 12 months of picking up, and then letting go of this site, numerous dabbles with the helpful tutorial videos, and quite a number of simple projects, I finally took the plunge.

I splurged on the unbelievable monthly subscription $3.95 and then promptly enrolled in their ‘Introduction to Arcing’ course.

It has proven to be, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I’ve made in life – and I don’t believe I’m employing hyperbole in saying so.

Nine projects over four weeks, arcing our way through James chapter one.


Do yourself a favour. If you love the Word of God. If you long to know it more deeply. If you are convinced that as you know the Word more deeply you encounter the God of the Word more intimately, then don’t wait another minute.

Check them out. Sign up. Learn how to use this powerful tool. Reap the rewards.

To the praise of His glory!


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