A good mixed bag this week.

Firstly, a great article by Al Mohler over at Ligonier Ministries. Worship According to the Word

One of the stand-out quotes cut deep:

Theology books and doctrinal statements may reveal what a congregation says it believes, but worship will reveal what it really believes.

The next article fit the family and marriage bracket.

Great insight by Lisa Chan on the Crossway Blog: Cultivating a Healthy Marriage in Ministry

Ted Cunningham on the Focus on the Family Australia site reminds us to make sure hospitality is high on our agenda: Leaders Need Fellowship Too

I turned 39 this year, so I’m not sure if I fall into the ‘old man’ category, or the ‘young gun’ camp – either way, Constantine Campbell’s post on the Desiring God blog really hit home: Five Pieces of Advice for Young Men

My wife sent me a link to this one, and it gave me a good laugh. Stephen Altrogge at The Blazing Centre is one fire: If All the Bible Translations Had A Dinner Party

Keep reading, to the praise of His glory!


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